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Beer Blonder Beer from brewery Verkhneuralsk

The company “Springs of the Urals” restored the brewery Verkhneuralsk, production is made by the old German tradition. The company opened the new brand for Ural – Blonder Beer.

The history of the plant dates back to 1882, when a German Karl Ramsdorfom built a brewery in the suburbs of Verkhneuralsk. This place has the unique water, the most suitable for the production of beer. So here Ramsdorf drilled a well and began to produce beer, which quickly begun popular in the district, province, and later in Russia. In Soviet times, the plant continued to operate successfully and produced 35 tons of beer per day, and depth  of the well was increased to 120 meters. However, with the market economy, the production had to be stopped, after years the factory was destroyed and almost no one believed that the famous brewery Verkhneuralsk will be possible to start from the beginning.

But the wells with the unique water are not lost! Good water for brewing – it is 50% success rate! Because of the special characteristics and the softness of the local water, the company “Springs of the Urals” has decided to rebuild the plant again.

The production was restored in 2010. Now the plant is located in the new building on the territory of the old Ramsdorf brewery. Founders of the Verkhneuralsk plant visited many breweries of Europe in search of better quality raw material suppliers. The company is betting on the highest level, so a base for breeding formed their own special recipe of beer. The equipment was imported from Slovakia and Verkhneuralsk brewers were specially trained by European standards.

In the summer of 2011 the company launched a new brand – Blonder Beer. “Springs of the Urals” boldly declare that their product – a real live beer without preservatives, the use of which only brings pleasure and positive emotions!

Blonder Beer brand has already gained success at Agro-2011. Also in Magnitogorsk was held tasting new beer at the restaurant “Necker Regis.” Even today in our city there is an extensive network of distribution of the fresh beer, which comes every day! In addition to the delivery of Magnitogorsk Blonder Beer are in progress in Orenburg.

The primary measure of success of the brand Blonder Beer is the fact that now, in the winter, the demand exceeds the supply. The company principally provides exclusive beer in limited quantities. The company plans to expand the brewery in spring!

And those who have been convinced of the merits – impeccable quality and exquisite taste of Blonder Beer, guide of the company “Spring Urals” invites you to a tour of the plant with the ability to Verkhneuralsk taste the fresh beer.

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