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Today is the world day of beer. Here are the facts that you probably don’t know about!

In 2016, beer represented 73.1% of the consumption of all alcoholic beverages. Nearly two-thirds of… Read More »

Popularity of the breweries BlonderBeer in Russia – wrote about us

In 2010 company Techimpex won the first positions and in 2011 it became an unchallengeable… Read More »

American Beer on BlonderBeer brewery in Bratislava

Real American beer brewed at the brewery in Slovakia “DUB Brewing Company” (Bratislava) by the… Read More »

Beer Aged To The Music Of Wu-Tang Clan

Dock Street Brewery in West Philadelphia has made a golden saison that’s being aged around… Read More »

Copper brewhouse


Short History of Beer

Beer is belongs the oldest beverages produced by man. Most of its history it was… Read More »

Beer Blonder Beer from brewery Verkhneuralsk

The company “Springs of the Urals” restored the brewery Verkhneuralsk, production is made by the… Read More »

The Obama White House: a micro-brewery in search of a brand

When Sgt Dakota Meyer joined President Obama for a beer on the terrace outside the… Read More »