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Mash tun (brew kettle)

The mash tun is intended for blending the malt grist with warm water and splitting the starch to form a sugar solution, for boiling the wort with hops and getting hopped wort.

Vertical, double walled, cylindrical tank made of the stainless steel with spherical (dome) upper part and conical bottom.On the side of the dome-shaped top part the service hatch situated, equipped with dual-wing doors, and is intended for servicing the mash tun.

The set of the mash tun includes steam condenser, stainless steel flaps, valves and joints, also electric cables.  The mash tun is equipped with the agitator with two blades, which is driven by an electric motor. Operating of mash tun is accomplished by the central control panel of the mash tun.

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