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Hot liquor vessel (boiler)

The hot liquor vessel is used as a tank of preparation and storage of hot water used in the future in the process of brewing the beer.

Vertical, double-walled, cylindrical tank made of stainless steel insulated with mineral-fibre material with a spherical (dome) upper part and a conical bottom.

On the side of the dome-shaped upper part is placed the service hatch, equipped with dual-wing doors, designed for servicing the tank.

The supplementation of hot water from the tank into the lauter tun and mash tun is accomplished by a pump, which is included in the set of SN-01 system of monitoring and adjusting the flow of wort, filtration and cooling of beer.

Control of the boiler operation is accomplished by the central control panel of the brewhouse.

Hot water is obtained in two ways:

–         heating the water inside the hot liquor vessel is carried out by three electric heaters;

–         reversing hot water obtained by cooling the beer in the heat exchanger;

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