Training option I

Company TECHIMPEX will send its experienced brew master for a period from 21 to 90 calendar days to your company after the installation and launching of your brewery for thorough training of your brewer to operate and service of the brewery.
NOTE: This option of the training is included in price of the brewery.

Training option II

Company TECHIMPEX has a possibility to send its experienced brew master for a period from 2 to 6 months to your brewery enterprise, after it is launched, for more in-depth staff training. The cost of this service is 3500 euros per month, return tickets, accommodation and food for the brew master of the company TECHIMPEX.

Excellent beer

The training is conducted by the brew masters of the company Techimpex with brewing experience from 20 to 45 years. As a natural result of such business approach, you will get excellent beer, which will definitely make the brewery successful and competitive in your city, wherever it is located!

Free training

Free training with experienced brew master

Advanced training

We have an advanced option for more
in-depth staff training.

Tasty beer

After training your beer will be perfect

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